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Saturday, 11 June 2011

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" Survival of the Fittest "

Survival of the fittest is not only a saying but it's the philosophy of every leader,panacea to all diseases,brutal reality of life and most importantly an isle to Success.
"As every crown is for a head but every head is not for a crown"
"As every love is for a heart but every heart is not for love"
I have came across this thing that earth itself has become a battle field and its inhabitants are surviving like gladiators or quitters.
When a child is born parents want their child to fly high and climb the mountain of success rather than climbing the mountain of self satisfaction.The reason that our most percentage of youth is suffering from mental diseases is the same that every body wants to be successful but nobody wants to be satisfied.

My question is for all parents of the world and their off springs that what is most important success or satisfaction ??

Because climbing the mountain of success is of no worth if Satisfaction is missing and most people will say that being successful is being satisfied but that's not the truth you can ask your self.

The best word that I can give or the name you can say that can be given to my thinking is existentialism.