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Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Globalization According to Me

Earth is a very catastrophic, cataclysmic and a rugged place in its nature and the only characteristic that is and will be constant to describe earth is evolving. Earth is evolving day by day from carts to cars, from fairies to Ferraris, from mails to emails, from letter to chatters, from brotherhood to butcher hood. Since there is nothing static on this planet like all so in order to analyze earth the context should be a dynamic one.

Distances have decreased rapidly; the world has evolved to be a single room. The evolution gave birth to a word "Globalization". With the Emergence of the world globalization three things, three ideas, three inventions came in front of the inhabitants and with no effects seen became the daily necessity of their lives. If you ask yourself these inventions are currently roaming around and your life is highly influenced by it. If someone says that he or she is not influenced by globalization it is absurd. The first invention to hit human race was in the field of telecommunication. Distances got shorter and shorter and then diminished. Cheap ways of communication are high available and widely accessible to every single human on this planet. Second beast that was unleashed after an evolutionary struggle of thousands of years was global economy. This beast is controlled by modern day Zeus, Poseidon and Athena. It's duty is to eat those who are tired, ghoul, nebbish or down and dusted by their continuous slavery. The third and the most biggest and the greatest the brood mother with its web on the entire globe was internet. With search engines being its biggest enigmas it has entered each and every house and has provided the readily, the heavily on the click information to the saints and the sinners.

Nations, businesses, firms, houses and each and every single person is affected by these viruses but we don't realize what is the consequence of these deadly venoms on our own lives.

Since the purpose of business according to the classical view is to maximize profit as much once can. So there is no denying to the face that ethics has confined this demon like Heidi’s in the ancient Greek mythology by Zeus.

Because of global economy, information flood and virtual presence one can easily trespass the barrier of ethics and law with the relativity principle to achieve the desired objective.

According to me, "ethics is a comprehensive way of doing business and not a special add-on to it."  Because of these apollyons after every eleventh hour human race is facing a new disaster and we have started walking on a dark path of beastality called Cannibalization as our own efforts are directed to eat our own kind by global warming, child labor, suicidal attacks, spurious medicines, unhygienic eatables, world hunger, deadly diseases, and survival of the fittest for the achievement of equality as well as calling a havoc called inequity.     


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