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Sunday, 8 July 2012

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Mistakes Leads to Creativity


I have read these lines all my child hood up till now and I hope you might have read them too but the question that comes immediately in your mind right after you read them is that if making mistakes is something that leads to creativity than why are we forbidden always to make mistakes? Why we are not allowed to experiment with the things? Why we give value to things over human beings? Why we don’t let a child to break a cup? Get his/her clothes dirty? Why we don’t let him/her drop cola in the car? Why this is the magical word WHY?  I have always asked this question to myself and I have grown up with this word WHY it’s like a very close fellow to me who has always helped to nurture and grow strong. 

Everyone faces such situations in their lives when everyone and everything is stopping them from making mistakes and after a passage of time our mind becomes a slave of this prophecy that making mistake is something that is shameful there is no room for mistakes in this life everyone and everything that exists need to be perfect and we as human beings forget that we are not perfect everything and everyone in this universe is not perfect because perfection means absolute and absolute is a myth. If you think that perfection is not a myth then close your eyes and think of the situations when you forget a friend’s birthday? When you do something that unconsciously which was not expected of you? When you felt bad about something and you immediately get angry which is imperfection in itself ,most importantly think on the first time you have touched FIRE and you got yourself burnt at that time you realized that fire burns and then ever after in your life you have taken some precautions when working with fire.

If perfection was not a myth then life would have been very static there would have been no diversifications; no cultures , no languages, no religions, nothing only one thinking pattern, one life style one idea that earth has corners because difference comes from diversification and diversification comes from deviance and deviance leads to creativity and innovation  which is the the real dynamo of life. 

This is the ultimate understanding of life that we human beings are not perfect and we should be proud of it because it’s imperfection which makes us valuable , creative , innovative and more importantly HUMAN BEINGS otherwise if we were made perfect we would have resembled animals because they follow a similar pattern of life that is there instincts…but we can observe , adapt and improvise way above our instincts, if this was not the case then all the innovation that you see in this world, all the delicious dishes that you got to eat in this world, all the creativity that is existing right now wouldn't be here. You might be walking on foot, eating some grass and wearing dresses made of leaves.

Think of it ? Do you think if some of the people haven’t took their chances and made mistakes you might not be able to get a bulb light, telephone, or simply aero plane or cello pen or AMERICA wouldn't have been discovered. So we are down to the conclusion what you have been looking for in this whole blog yes it’s the answer to WHY?

So let you arms free get your emotions sing for you and prepare yourself for a journey which leads to learning, experimenting, creating, innovating and most importantly thinking,doing, mistake making then doing it correctly, talking and then walking the talked. People will always stop you from experimenting in this life because they have been stopped by someone and they stopped, but if you want to achieve something you can achieve it. They will stop you by saying that you can’t do it but remember, that the only way of achieving something is by doing something and let nobody tell you what to do because if they knew the way to achieve they would have achieved it by themselves so just let everything go behind you and GET IT!

                                    “DON’T EVER LET SOMEBODY TELL YOU,
     GO GET IT! “


  1. great work.. worth reading... loved it, every single bit..... keep posting :)

    1. Thanks and sure I will as I love to do it :)

  2. Very Well Written Rindani :)

  3. very good specially the ending

    1. Thanks if you liked it but I will feel more happy if all of us learn to that exactly in the same manner :)

  4. Nice Asad.. specially last paragraph!

  5. xulekha saleem!13 July 2012 at 15:00

    very thoughtful:)