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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

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Ethics According to Me

What is ethics? According to my rationale “Ethics is the mutual consensus of an Individual and the society to any particular attitude. ”. Decision making is done on 3 bottom line approach ethics , laws & religion. The reason I used the word mutual consensus is because when you have any ethical value nobody is forcing you to act according to that value except your inner person which elucidate your halo when you do something which is ethical to you. So it means that you are in a trinity peace treaty between you , your inner & the society. The strata’s that is religion , law  and ethics are basically quite apart when it comes to decision making in the real world. For example, there is no bill or constitution or any tax schedule for the money that we bring from abroad in Pakistan, politics is allowed in educational institutions and females are used as a sign of advertisement just to hit male psychology for the increment of sales of that particular brand. We as an individual have the magic stick of judgment always in our hands to make our decisions worth acting and our decisions should always follow the trinity peace treaty.