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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

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Youth Unrest

Youth can be considered as a synonym of Power, Agility & Luminosity. In every part of life the young ones replace the older ones but in order to get an efficient replacement of an experienced jockey the young ones should be highly equipped botht physically and mentally.
In recent times, Youth Development has been an area of immense concern. Due to the uncertainty of life everything seems to be an illusion to the youth and that is the major reason they get into a self destructive pattern. Millions of obviation projects are going on all across the globe to nurture youth. Since 'Human Will' is the strongest source of energy and youth are full of that so it means that in these time of jeopardy we need to conserve youth if we want to preserve life on this planet.
Healthy bodies and a healthy minds both make a healthy society. Family is considered as the most eminent and essential habitat for the development of a newly existed human being. According to my perspective a sound and healthy family which includes parents with an understanding of child care and psychology with better brought up turns a homosapien into a civilized human being. When a child is born it is continuously casting a clinquanting glow like a diamond. But it's brain is in a complete raw form can be mold into anything a saint or a sinner. In 21st century with science and technology progressing with leaps and bounds in fact mortality rate has rapidly gone down and a lot of diseases have been completely wiped out from the face of the earth. But in this century we are up against some other kinds of Lucifer and Heidies they are world hunger, world peace, terrorism, economic crisis, energy crisis, globalization, global warming and many more and all of these are man made in comparison to previous century disasters most of them were natural. 
in these situations of uncertainty youth deviation occurs because of the fragility of youth they lead themselves on the highway to hell. Let's take drugs, youth is highly involved in this now a days, everyone knows that but now one finds the time to answer this question-why ? I can write a whole book on this question but cutting it short what does a drug do ? It satisfies your mental traumas or in more layman terminology you believe that it increases your coping abilities with pain and anguish. We all know the above facts but have anyone of us sat down and had a thought about what are the pains of Youth ? Family in 80% of all the cases is a pain in itself. Marital problems, financial problems, gender discrimination if these problems seem a bit general then think about for a moment and recall when you saw your parents fighting.


  1. nicely explained what our youth is going through, at least now i know that i'm not the only one who feels this.

  2. Excellent stuff. Looking forward to read more..

  3. Thanks a lot for your kind comment :) but could you please mention your name in the comment so that I can know who else thinks on the same tangent :)

  4. Nice interpretaion asad nowadays or you can say k in this era youth are seriosly stuck in these problems that effect our mental and physical abilities we youth should know what is right nd what is wrong we should have our own right direction should have some aims nd goals that are beneficial for us nd for our familes !! By d way good work :) #victory (Y)