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Sunday, 6 May 2012

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Discrimination a Havok

              v  Dividing the undivided in mundane is called “Discrimination”.

v  The juggernaut of prejudice and stereotype is called “Discrimination”.

In the world we live there is wrath, ruggedness & cataclysm on one side of the coin and love, passion & compassion on the other. When a stimulus provokes a thinking it will lead to a decision based on the two sides of the coin. Since there is no other side we make our minds and choose our paths just on the flip of the coin. Our brain, body and emotion were supposed to work for us but when discrimination with its contents evolves in us; our slaves become our masters and then start controlling us.

Discrimination is a desert with its constituents being the sand particles. Its domain is very huge, its forms are infinite its roots are everywhere dug deep into the society. Every thought of human mind can display discrimination in one way or other. There is no stop to it because its direct linkage is with self interest. To understand the concept from grass root level some common variables of discrimination are racism, ethnicity, caste, creed, religion, sex, social status.

*This is the initial stage of my research will post the new one shortly*