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Sunday, 11 September 2011

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Flood In Pakistan Reasons According To "ME"

This particular blog of mine is a very different from my particular style of blogging. 
I am feeling intensely sad as I am writing this but as you will read further you are going to know some of the very Important facts behind this national disaster.
As it has been noticed that for the past three consecutive years there is a flood disaster in Pakistan.Millions of people lost their valuable lives,their families,there hardly earned assets & our economy looses it's grip and falls down due to over night wipe out of agricultural & industrial sector.Let's take some figures about 4 million people lost their precious lives almost all of them lost their shelters,Millions of acres of agricultural land diminished totally rained over night,cattle industry worth millions dead like leaves falling in autumn.Now a question raises in my mind why flood is consecutively destroying our national economy every year?
A simple answer came to my mind is lack of education and miss management.The wrong decision making by concerned authorities.Lets take an example and I am pretty much sure that we all are very familiar with it as our politicians are fighting on KALABAGH DAM since last 20 or 30 odd years that whether it's construction will be a loss for Sindh or not, but what do you people think,is this flood good for Sindh and our national economy? If for a second we suppose that we are not constructing KALABAGH DAM then we have to prepare an alternate dam or some kind of water reservoir in Sindh to prevent that loss but when and who will do it? as it needs a person who have education, management skills and Leadership qualities as well as agony for the nation.A solution which i see is it will happen when concerned authorities start thinking critically and precisely taking the responsibility for the nation and resting their political piracy a part. 
People we need to think about it this is PAKISTAN our beloved Country it has given us the platform to stand and deliver what is inside us in front of this globe and in return our country is for love,endorsement and most importantly our country is crying for PAKISTANI'S.


  1. Sorry my bro,Kalabagh is not only the issue, there are loads of more
    1- Sewerage system = Zero
    2- 12 year of a jail = Phd+ digree in Pakistan, and we are felling proud about it.
    3- Bribe
    4- Govt rid = 0
    and the biggest one
    5-Stupid dudes are tackling these situation.
    and blaa blaa blaa...

  2. I think I have mentioned your points in my blog you should read it properly and yes I totally agree with you.