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Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Steps of "Self Recognition"

Self Realization is a very critical ,demanding ,cataclysmic and catastrophic reality of life which one has to face in some part of life.
"Adults find pleasure in deceiving a child. They consider it necessary, but they also enjoy it. The children very quickly figure it out and then practice deception themselves".
Now since this has been a very common problem with all of us and I am pretty much sure that most of my readers are figuring the deception they are yet to practice it.
Well jokes apart the things that i want to bring under consideration of the readers which I have spend days of immense concentration and analysis to understand are some genuine steps to realize your self.
I want each and every one to ask themselves some questions.
Q#1. Who am I ?
Q#2.Who I was ?
Q#3.Who I will be ?
Now everybody has different experiences of life I have my own answers of these questions.
But the most common thing is can you face the truth ?
Can you say to yourself in front of a mirror that you are the person you think you are if yes congrats you are the one who can lead from the front because you can face the brutal reality of life.Now as the topic states that in this blog here and there you are going to find some steps of  Self Recognition so here you go.
The best answer that I have came across is very astonishing,mind blowing, immaculate,invincible,inimitable and yet very simple.
Just be honest to your self remove lies from you life and you will that you have started to find new ways to achieve your goals in a very unique style infact that style will be your own one meant only for you  and now you can lead from the front and  you will feel more stronger than ever because you have just digested the most bitter and brutal truth of this unoverse that WHO ARE YOU.

"It doesn't matter how new an idea is:what matters is how new it becomes" 

I would like to hear about your experiences how you found my method and philosophy and how it was helpful in your self realization.  


  1. Anna Kidman
    Very Impressive asad.

  2. Thanks Anna for your appreciation.Any suggestions how to improve ??

  3. hhahaahha lol nice one