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Monday, 2 September 2013

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An Early Mornig Note

It has been a long time I have posted anything on my blog so first of all let’s begin with a humble sorry to my dearest readers and I wish a very good life for you guys out there doing great things in different realms of life.
Since the beginning I’ve been a lifelong learner. Someone who is really interested in knowing the unknown.  I have this belief that says, “Everything exists for a reason” and that reason should be known. So every time I hear this voice echoing inside me I talk to myself and commit myself to do what I really want to do in my life and not to fall prey to the system.  Why listening to your self is the life blood of success?  Because a person who cannot decipher the inner voice will always fall prey to the outer one  
Everything thing in this universe needs some behavioral understanding. What do you think where are you from?  Yes, it is absolutely right you belong to the same universe and you also need some behavioral understanding in order to have a very clear view about the direction you are headed in your life. It’s good to be lost sometimes at least you know that you have to go somewhere.  

 I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think - Socrates

Friday, 15 March 2013

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Improving Human Relations To Promote Business

Human Relations is the core of business. In the early theories of management the emphasis was on incentives based on monetary rewards. But in the contemporary time a lot of emphasis has been diverted to tap intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation and the reason being a long lasting effect intrinsic motivation.
If a business treats a client or a customer like an entity who gives money in exchange of the services that it provides than the string of trust, mutual respect and understanding is not strong. In the present era if a business has to succeed it has to provide extra value to the client considering him important and valuable. Like the business giants 'Kingfisher Airlines' (P.S : I'm overwhelmed with Kingfishers customer services) , they treat their passengers like a guest, call the passenger a guest and welcome the passenger like a guest with a chauffeur walking to the passenger to carry their luggage at the airport as soon as they arrive. This clearly and implicitly show the emphasis they lay on Customer Retention and Business Development through Relationship Building with passengers by treating them like a real guest.
Now a days customer services is not merely a department it's an attitude. The kind of attitude with which businesses can flourish a lot faster then ever. Even for a small post like Retail Store Counter Person a whole training has been introduced whose objective is to enable the person on the counter with positive and energetic gestures and body postures , warm hearted attitude with immaculate listening skills. Because customer is always right and they will buy from you if they like you that is your attitude towards them.
If we talk about big businesses, keeping in mind the importance of human relations on special occasions like Eid, Christmas & Diwali CEO's whom most of the employees had met a couple of times or may be never tend to forward a greeting Email on these special occasions just to give them a sense of belonging and attachment towards them. These practices in the real business world shows on thing very clearly that not only people who buy from you but also people who work for you are off immense and equal importance and this particular act of CEO's and Top Management has proven to result in employee motivation and voluntary working behavior.
If we talk about Business to Business Human Relationships a whole new tradition has started to have meetings outside the formal office settings. For example; some good restaurant facing sea view or any other serenity like this is brought under consideration these days. After every successful project having a big party blast or a picnic is also trending day by day.
It is a proven philosophy that when a business has more incline towards human relations it has grown fast and  has faced less difficulty in standing strong and still at the time of distress because their clients are loyal and emotionally attached to them & Emotional Attachment is considered to be very strong than any other kind of bonding.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

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Youth Unrest

Youth can be considered as a synonym of Power, Agility & Luminosity. In every part of life the young ones replace the older ones but in order to get an efficient replacement of an experienced jockey the young ones should be highly equipped botht physically and mentally.
In recent times, Youth Development has been an area of immense concern. Due to the uncertainty of life everything seems to be an illusion to the youth and that is the major reason they get into a self destructive pattern. Millions of obviation projects are going on all across the globe to nurture youth. Since 'Human Will' is the strongest source of energy and youth are full of that so it means that in these time of jeopardy we need to conserve youth if we want to preserve life on this planet.
Healthy bodies and a healthy minds both make a healthy society. Family is considered as the most eminent and essential habitat for the development of a newly existed human being. According to my perspective a sound and healthy family which includes parents with an understanding of child care and psychology with better brought up turns a homosapien into a civilized human being. When a child is born it is continuously casting a clinquanting glow like a diamond. But it's brain is in a complete raw form can be mold into anything a saint or a sinner. In 21st century with science and technology progressing with leaps and bounds in fact mortality rate has rapidly gone down and a lot of diseases have been completely wiped out from the face of the earth. But in this century we are up against some other kinds of Lucifer and Heidies they are world hunger, world peace, terrorism, economic crisis, energy crisis, globalization, global warming and many more and all of these are man made in comparison to previous century disasters most of them were natural. 
in these situations of uncertainty youth deviation occurs because of the fragility of youth they lead themselves on the highway to hell. Let's take drugs, youth is highly involved in this now a days, everyone knows that but now one finds the time to answer this question-why ? I can write a whole book on this question but cutting it short what does a drug do ? It satisfies your mental traumas or in more layman terminology you believe that it increases your coping abilities with pain and anguish. We all know the above facts but have anyone of us sat down and had a thought about what are the pains of Youth ? Family in 80% of all the cases is a pain in itself. Marital problems, financial problems, gender discrimination if these problems seem a bit general then think about for a moment and recall when you saw your parents fighting.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

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Top 3 CPA Networks According to ME

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are just doing great in your life and I know it's not my particular style of writing but this time lets just make things simple for all of us as Richard Branson says,

"Complexity is you enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something Simple."

So let me just prove it to myself that I am not a fool and making things simple for all of you.
I have came across a question many times in a past couple of weeks on several different forums and I too myself get this similar question from a lot of people that WHAT ARE TOP CPA NETWORKS??
Well CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Now the question WHAT ARE THE TOP CPA NETWORKS?? reminds me of some famous and motivational lines from Thomas J. Watson that,

"Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You're thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all... You can be discouraged by failure - or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because, remember that's where you'll find success. On the far side."

The answer lies in the above lines that every answer goes through a series of trial and errors and then in the end you come up with a good one. Now folks in this industry it's not necessary what has worked for me will work for you one thing is sure that If you will try to walk the walked you will save a lot of time.

I have tested a lot of CPA (Cost Per Action) networks lately and I have found Top 3 CPA Networks and they really work for me well.

One of my favourite CPA network is Adscend Media. Well there are three reasons behind why I like it.

1. Most important thing they pay you on time.

2. Excellent service support on the time of initiating the account after you are approved you are assigned an account manager who is always there to help you.

3. Great offers, Fast Improvisation, User  friendly dash board.

CPAWAY has gained a lot of attention and captured a good market in a very little time. In my opinion you should try it. These guys are really helping you all the time. 

1. They mail you daily and communicate at quite a fast pace.

2. Excellent account managers.

3. Excellent Payment methods and Policies.

4. User Friendly dashboard and exceptional tools. 

Incentivize is a sister concern of TheWay and It has one unique feature and that is a Content Locker .

Content Locking is a feature in which your content is always locked behind some offer once the viewer has completed the offer the content becomes visible this is a very good way of lead generation and it's trending day by day.

Rather than that all the other facilities are some you will get an account manager, good campaigns, nice payment  policy and user friendly dash board equipped with all the tools you will need to generate leads and Earn a Recession free Living .

I hope this post has provided you with some value and you have got your answer what you have been looking for.
You can signup for my updates and I promise that I will not flood you inbox with promotions lol .
Just enter your email address and I will get back to you with some more valuable information soon.
Till then take a very great care of yourself and you surroundings and remember one thing that...

                                                   "Success is NOT an ACCIDENT" 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

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Mistakes Leads to Creativity


I have read these lines all my child hood up till now and I hope you might have read them too but the question that comes immediately in your mind right after you read them is that if making mistakes is something that leads to creativity than why are we forbidden always to make mistakes? Why we are not allowed to experiment with the things? Why we give value to things over human beings? Why we don’t let a child to break a cup? Get his/her clothes dirty? Why we don’t let him/her drop cola in the car? Why this is the magical word WHY?  I have always asked this question to myself and I have grown up with this word WHY it’s like a very close fellow to me who has always helped to nurture and grow strong. 

Everyone faces such situations in their lives when everyone and everything is stopping them from making mistakes and after a passage of time our mind becomes a slave of this prophecy that making mistake is something that is shameful there is no room for mistakes in this life everyone and everything that exists need to be perfect and we as human beings forget that we are not perfect everything and everyone in this universe is not perfect because perfection means absolute and absolute is a myth. If you think that perfection is not a myth then close your eyes and think of the situations when you forget a friend’s birthday? When you do something that unconsciously which was not expected of you? When you felt bad about something and you immediately get angry which is imperfection in itself ,most importantly think on the first time you have touched FIRE and you got yourself burnt at that time you realized that fire burns and then ever after in your life you have taken some precautions when working with fire.

If perfection was not a myth then life would have been very static there would have been no diversifications; no cultures , no languages, no religions, nothing only one thinking pattern, one life style one idea that earth has corners because difference comes from diversification and diversification comes from deviance and deviance leads to creativity and innovation  which is the the real dynamo of life. 

This is the ultimate understanding of life that we human beings are not perfect and we should be proud of it because it’s imperfection which makes us valuable , creative , innovative and more importantly HUMAN BEINGS otherwise if we were made perfect we would have resembled animals because they follow a similar pattern of life that is there instincts…but we can observe , adapt and improvise way above our instincts, if this was not the case then all the innovation that you see in this world, all the delicious dishes that you got to eat in this world, all the creativity that is existing right now wouldn't be here. You might be walking on foot, eating some grass and wearing dresses made of leaves.

Think of it ? Do you think if some of the people haven’t took their chances and made mistakes you might not be able to get a bulb light, telephone, or simply aero plane or cello pen or AMERICA wouldn't have been discovered. So we are down to the conclusion what you have been looking for in this whole blog yes it’s the answer to WHY?

So let you arms free get your emotions sing for you and prepare yourself for a journey which leads to learning, experimenting, creating, innovating and most importantly thinking,doing, mistake making then doing it correctly, talking and then walking the talked. People will always stop you from experimenting in this life because they have been stopped by someone and they stopped, but if you want to achieve something you can achieve it. They will stop you by saying that you can’t do it but remember, that the only way of achieving something is by doing something and let nobody tell you what to do because if they knew the way to achieve they would have achieved it by themselves so just let everything go behind you and GET IT!

                                    “DON’T EVER LET SOMEBODY TELL YOU,
     GO GET IT! “

Sunday, 6 May 2012

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Discrimination a Havok

              v  Dividing the undivided in mundane is called “Discrimination”.

v  The juggernaut of prejudice and stereotype is called “Discrimination”.

In the world we live there is wrath, ruggedness & cataclysm on one side of the coin and love, passion & compassion on the other. When a stimulus provokes a thinking it will lead to a decision based on the two sides of the coin. Since there is no other side we make our minds and choose our paths just on the flip of the coin. Our brain, body and emotion were supposed to work for us but when discrimination with its contents evolves in us; our slaves become our masters and then start controlling us.

Discrimination is a desert with its constituents being the sand particles. Its domain is very huge, its forms are infinite its roots are everywhere dug deep into the society. Every thought of human mind can display discrimination in one way or other. There is no stop to it because its direct linkage is with self interest. To understand the concept from grass root level some common variables of discrimination are racism, ethnicity, caste, creed, religion, sex, social status.

*This is the initial stage of my research will post the new one shortly*

Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Globalization According to Me

Earth is a very catastrophic, cataclysmic and a rugged place in its nature and the only characteristic that is and will be constant to describe earth is evolving. Earth is evolving day by day from carts to cars, from fairies to Ferraris, from mails to emails, from letter to chatters, from brotherhood to butcher hood. Since there is nothing static on this planet like all so in order to analyze earth the context should be a dynamic one.

Distances have decreased rapidly; the world has evolved to be a single room. The evolution gave birth to a word "Globalization". With the Emergence of the world globalization three things, three ideas, three inventions came in front of the inhabitants and with no effects seen became the daily necessity of their lives. If you ask yourself these inventions are currently roaming around and your life is highly influenced by it. If someone says that he or she is not influenced by globalization it is absurd. The first invention to hit human race was in the field of telecommunication. Distances got shorter and shorter and then diminished. Cheap ways of communication are high available and widely accessible to every single human on this planet. Second beast that was unleashed after an evolutionary struggle of thousands of years was global economy. This beast is controlled by modern day Zeus, Poseidon and Athena. It's duty is to eat those who are tired, ghoul, nebbish or down and dusted by their continuous slavery. The third and the most biggest and the greatest the brood mother with its web on the entire globe was internet. With search engines being its biggest enigmas it has entered each and every house and has provided the readily, the heavily on the click information to the saints and the sinners.

Nations, businesses, firms, houses and each and every single person is affected by these viruses but we don't realize what is the consequence of these deadly venoms on our own lives.

Since the purpose of business according to the classical view is to maximize profit as much once can. So there is no denying to the face that ethics has confined this demon like Heidi’s in the ancient Greek mythology by Zeus.

Because of global economy, information flood and virtual presence one can easily trespass the barrier of ethics and law with the relativity principle to achieve the desired objective.

According to me, "ethics is a comprehensive way of doing business and not a special add-on to it."  Because of these apollyons after every eleventh hour human race is facing a new disaster and we have started walking on a dark path of beastality called Cannibalization as our own efforts are directed to eat our own kind by global warming, child labor, suicidal attacks, spurious medicines, unhygienic eatables, world hunger, deadly diseases, and survival of the fittest for the achievement of equality as well as calling a havoc called inequity.