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Thursday, 19 May 2011

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"Rising Sun"

New beginnings are waiting for you
There are a lot of incidents going on in our life every day but we are so busy that we don't notice them at all or we can say that we just ignore them & a very common thing is RISING SUN.
Every morning sun rises and then falls we get up and continue our daily routine but we fail to understand what is the idea that nature has put behind this rising of sun.
Every day when sun rises it gives us the idea that we need to be positive and immensely positive to shine and bright high because everyday comes with new beginnings. 
When after every night when sun breaks the deep darken night and comes out with a glow it simply means; 
               "New beginnings are waiting for you with their arms stretched"


  1. Sara Issac .. Very motivating kid you have all grown up to motivate others now.