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Friday, 15 March 2013

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Improving Human Relations To Promote Business

Human Relations is the core of business. In the early theories of management the emphasis was on incentives based on monetary rewards. But in the contemporary time a lot of emphasis has been diverted to tap intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation and the reason being a long lasting effect intrinsic motivation.
If a business treats a client or a customer like an entity who gives money in exchange of the services that it provides than the string of trust, mutual respect and understanding is not strong. In the present era if a business has to succeed it has to provide extra value to the client considering him important and valuable. Like the business giants 'Kingfisher Airlines' (P.S : I'm overwhelmed with Kingfishers customer services) , they treat their passengers like a guest, call the passenger a guest and welcome the passenger like a guest with a chauffeur walking to the passenger to carry their luggage at the airport as soon as they arrive. This clearly and implicitly show the emphasis they lay on Customer Retention and Business Development through Relationship Building with passengers by treating them like a real guest.
Now a days customer services is not merely a department it's an attitude. The kind of attitude with which businesses can flourish a lot faster then ever. Even for a small post like Retail Store Counter Person a whole training has been introduced whose objective is to enable the person on the counter with positive and energetic gestures and body postures , warm hearted attitude with immaculate listening skills. Because customer is always right and they will buy from you if they like you that is your attitude towards them.
If we talk about big businesses, keeping in mind the importance of human relations on special occasions like Eid, Christmas & Diwali CEO's whom most of the employees had met a couple of times or may be never tend to forward a greeting Email on these special occasions just to give them a sense of belonging and attachment towards them. These practices in the real business world shows on thing very clearly that not only people who buy from you but also people who work for you are off immense and equal importance and this particular act of CEO's and Top Management has proven to result in employee motivation and voluntary working behavior.
If we talk about Business to Business Human Relationships a whole new tradition has started to have meetings outside the formal office settings. For example; some good restaurant facing sea view or any other serenity like this is brought under consideration these days. After every successful project having a big party blast or a picnic is also trending day by day.
It is a proven philosophy that when a business has more incline towards human relations it has grown fast and  has faced less difficulty in standing strong and still at the time of distress because their clients are loyal and emotionally attached to them & Emotional Attachment is considered to be very strong than any other kind of bonding.


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