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Monday, 2 September 2013

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An Early Mornig Note

It has been a long time I have posted anything on my blog so first of all let’s begin with a humble sorry to my dearest readers and I wish a very good life for you guys out there doing great things in different realms of life.
Since the beginning I’ve been a lifelong learner. Someone who is really interested in knowing the unknown.  I have this belief that says, “Everything exists for a reason” and that reason should be known. So every time I hear this voice echoing inside me I talk to myself and commit myself to do what I really want to do in my life and not to fall prey to the system.  Why listening to your self is the life blood of success?  Because a person who cannot decipher the inner voice will always fall prey to the outer one  
Everything thing in this universe needs some behavioral understanding. What do you think where are you from?  Yes, it is absolutely right you belong to the same universe and you also need some behavioral understanding in order to have a very clear view about the direction you are headed in your life. It’s good to be lost sometimes at least you know that you have to go somewhere.  

 I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think - Socrates


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